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​Creating your presence on the internet

The Professional Version


All the tools to create your professional site.
All for only £9.99 per month / £99.00 per Year.

Custom Domain
In the Professional Version of Ptarmigan Websites, the domain is included forever and not just for the first year. And you can choose the extension you prefer.

5 Mail Boxes

Ptarmigan Websites provides you with 5 email accounts, 5GB each. You will not have to buy them separately from another service, are already included in the price. and custom mailboxes give authority and professionalism to your messages. your customers will always recognize you among the many emails that are crowding their inboxes.

Unlimited Hosting

With Ptarmigan Websites you have hosting and bandwidth unlimited for the creation of your website. You will not have to worry about space, and how many visitors arrive on your website. And you will not have to pay any extra, it is already included in the price!


With Ptarmigan Websites you can sell online all your products without any limit and especially without fees. With a couple of clicks, you will be able to configure your e-commerce and you can start selling immediately all over the world thanks to the translations included.

Booking Online

If you have a structure Ptarmigan Websites is the best solution for you. You will be able to manage your bookings independently, customize the window of your rooms, and not pay any commission on bookings.


Thanks to the Advanced Statistics of Ptarmigan Websites, you can always check the progress of your website: you can find out everything that are your customers, what pages they visit, and on which buttons they clicked. You'll have full control of your activities, and you will be able to intervene to improve it when there is something wrong, such as a page just visited.

Customer Centre

Thanks to the Management of Ptarmigan Websites you can group your customers into lists, and send them any communication, such as a promotion or a newsletter, taking advantage of different channels!

Marketing Automation

Program the automatic delivery of your communication via email, and chat and push the browser out to all customers who have performed a particular action on your website. The mail will be sent automatically and will allow you to implement an effective digital marketing strategy to promote your website.

SEO Optimisation
Thanks to the SEO Optimization of Ptarmigan Websites your website will be top on search engines. You will be able to update in real-time the titles, descriptions, and all Tags of your site to improve your rankings.

Save a backup copy of your website to be able to go back in case of an error. Thanks to the backup, in fact, you will not have to worry about the experience and upgrade your website because you will be able to set a save point that you can load to go back and retrieve the website with all of its features.

User Registration

Push your customers to register on your website to be able to have more data on them, and to provide a reserved area for their purchases through the online shop or for their bookings on the Booking.

Protection Pages

Your need for protected pages can be made accessible only after entering a username and a password. Use the Protection Page of Ptarmigan Websites! With the protection pages of Ptarmigan Websites, you can create pages with unique content to show only to registered users.

Google My Business

Google is the most visited website in the USA and the whole World. Every search starts from there. Use our fantastic panel to fill out your company's info to get linked right into Google Search, just like how the big companies do.


Head/Body Management

Do you know the programming languages and want to add widgets and functionality that are external to Ptarmigan Websites? You can do it, with the Management of the head/body which makes you free to add items that we have not thought of yet.

Real estate

Thanks to our panel of real Estate, your agency will be able to showcase the property for rent or for sale with a couple of clicks. Your customers can browse your catalog, check all the features and request an appointment for more information.

Sell online

Offer services online and want to get them to book online on your website? With the new component Services of Ptarmigan Websites, you can do it with ease! In fact, you can configure and make available online several types of services: your
customers will be able to book a course, arrange an appointment with you or with a professional with your staff, rent any type of product or purchase packages. Whatever the service that you offer, your customers will be able to select the date of the service and pay directly online.

All for only £9.99 per month / £99.00 per Year!

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