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​Creating your presence on the internet

 Frequently Asked Questions



What are Ptarmigan Websites?

Ptarmigan Websites is a web design and build company offering the facility to build your own site using an advanced and incredibly easy-to-use website builder, providing you with a variety of online content management tools and an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. With Ptarmigan Websites, you can construct, update and manage your website without the need for any specialized knowledge.


What kinds of websites can I build with Ptarmigan Websites?

With our content management system (CMS) you can build corporate websites, landing pages, e-commerce sites . . . really any manner of content-rich websites you wish.


Can I build a website for free with Ptarmigan Websites?

Ptarmigan Websites allows everyone to create a website for a free 6 Month trial and manage it at no cost. In addition, we offer a professional version designed to help businesses grow and develop.


How many websites can I register under my account?

There is no limit - you may open as many websites as you wish under the same account and manage them all with a single admin username.


What kind of support will I receive?

Ptarmigan offers an email support service.


What does the free 6 Month trial include?

At Ptarmigan Websites, we believe in our product, and we want to make sure that your decision to purchase a professional version leans on your complete trust in our system and on the assurance that our services totally match your business needs and requirements. Accordingly, we offer you most of our full services during the 6 Month free trial period.


What will the URL of my website be?

During the trial period, the URL will be configured using a temporary subdomain: yourname.ptarmiganwebsites.co.uk You will have the opportunity to define the subdomain's prefix (i.e. the “yourname” portion of the example URL) when you create the site. However, when you purchase the professional package, you will be able to choose your own custom international domain name for free!


Where will my website be stored?

This question is important today more than ever before because where a site is stored affects its loading time, and a site’s loading time significantly affects a business’s ability to attract and retain traffic to its site. To reduce loading time Ptarmigan Websites makes use of the Server on the Google Cloud Platform to ensure the best possible performance. We continuously update the software with the latest versions to ensure the maximum safety of your data. This way a visitor to your site will be able to download information from a server closest to them.


Which template should I choose?

We’re glad you asked! We want to emphasize that although the templates are categorized by topic, you can use the framework from any of them to suit your needs by simply replacing the images in the template. Therefore, you should select a template according to the arrangement of the elements that you find most appropriate, and make it your own in a few simple steps.


Will I be able to adjust any template to my needs?

Yes. Each template is fully customizable to meet your requirements, If you want, you can even delete everything and start from a blank page!


What can you tell me about the content management system?

Ptarmigan Websites provides an advanced content management system that allows you to build a custom website completely on your own; manage and update your content without any prior knowledge in programming, computer languages, or image editing software; create and manage contact forms and leads; set up image galleries; and more.


How do I log in to site management?

After registration, during which you choose a username and a password, you can return to managing your website at any moment by clicking the  “Login” button at the top of our homepage. If you are logged off, you must enter your username and password again. Forgot your login details? You can always restore your username and password.


How do I edit my website?

Ptarmigan Website's drag-and-drop interface allows the user to drag elements freely around the website, place them in any desired location and modify their design settings using simple and uniform tools.


Can I edit, copy and paste elements on the site?

Absolutely. Our drag-and-drop interface allows you to edit groups of elements or individual elements, as well as copy, delete, cut, and paste them within the same page or across other pages of the site. Furthermore, elements can be pinned to one location and made to appear on all of the site’s pages, or they can be formatted so as to remain static when scrolling through the page.


Can I add contact forms and receive inquiries through my website?

We know that interacting with visitors is important to every business. That’s why we've given you the opportunity to integrate interactive contact forms into any website you create with Ptarmigan Websites. A form can be connected to an email address that will automatically receive mail notifications each time an inquiry is submitted. We also offer the option to create an automatic reply, so that the form will send a confirmation message to the visitor.


Will I be able to sell products online?

Certainly. Our content management system allows you to collect payment for your products and services directly through your website. You can manage your products and orders with the help of our advanced e-commerce module providing multiple possibilities, such as custom product box design, sale, and discount settings, and much more. In addition, the system offers a variety of card payment options based on the interface with such online services as PayPal, NetPay, Authorize.Net, and others. All pages containing sensitive information are secured with a shared SSL Certificate.


Can I upload files to the website?

Of course. You can upload files, documents, videos, and music directly to the server through our management interface.


Can I integrate an external code into my website? 

Definitely. There is a special element that you can drag onto a page that allows you to paste a third-party code into it that will then function on your website. Please note that any support required for the external code must be provided by the body responsible for its development rather than our Support Team.


Will I be able to keep managing and editing my website in the future?

Yes! Our website builder allows you to manage and update your website even after it has been published, at any time, and from anywhere in the world.


How can I build a website adjusted to mobile devices?

It is very simple! Our drag-and-drop interface will automatically adapt the elements in your website and optimize them for display on mobile phones and tablets! Additionally, you are given the option to prevent certain elements from displaying in the site’s mobile version or even cancel the mobile version completely.


Can I get a domain name for my site from you?

Yes. If you order the professional version hosting package, you will receive a complimentary international domain name. Does your service include domain-affiliated mailboxes? Our professional version package includes a free domain and also includes up to 5 domain-affiliated mailboxes, which you can use to operate under your business name. This service is provided free of charge!


Will I be able to access my email from anywhere?

Absolutely! You can use your username and password to log in directly to your mailbox via our webmail management interface from any computer that is connected to the Internet.


I have my own domain. Can I point it to my website?

No problem! Our Support Team would be glad to walk you through this process. Contact us.


Can I purchase additional domains from you?

Sure! You will already receive one free custom international domain when you purchase almost any of our hosting packages. You can then order additional domains and manage them directly through your account.


I want to upgrade! How can I pay you?

We accept payments by credit/card or Paypal.


I have a website in your system. How can I view it on touchscreen devices?

Each Ptarmigan Websites site is automatically optimized for display on smartphones and tablets so that your visitors see the most easily navigable version of your site based on the device they are using. The mobile version will look like a smartphone application, and its link can be saved as an icon on the device’s home screen.


Can I build a website with your content management system, but store it on my own server?

No, you cannot export your website or store it on an external server. Your website will be stored on backed-up and secured servers, working in perfect synchronization with the content management system with which it was built.


Can you design and build my website?

Ptarmigan Websites Experts is a unique network of renowned professionals who specialize in building and managing websites constructed on our website builder. Our experts will be glad to serve you! Contact us for more information.


Do you provide images for designing my website?

Yes! Our management system contains a built-in image bank featuring hundreds of quality pictures that you can use freely on your website.


What capabilities and features does your system offer?

Ptarmigan Website Builder supports a variety of advanced features based on top-notch up-to-date technology. 


I didn’t like any of your templates. Can I make one myself?

You certainly can. All of the template's elements are able to be deleted, so you can actually eliminate all of them and start from a blank page.


How much is it?

Ptarmigan Websites is available in two versions: a free version, which doesn't cost a penny (for 6 Months!), and a Professional version at the price of just £9.99 per month price or £99.00 per year.

What is the difference between the Free and Pro version?

Professional accounts come with several advantages: a personal domain, 5 GB email boxes, website statistics, dedicated support, and advanced components like e-commerce, booking, private area, and Script.

Why Free Version is totally FREE for 6 months?

The free account uses 3rd level domain such as yourname.ptarmiganwebsites.co.uk and enables the use of several components with no time limit. You can try the advanced features that will be visible to your visitors when you decide to upgrade to a PRO account.

Can I update my website by myself?

Yes, all the times that you wish and anytime you want. Every change is automatically saved and modifications will be sent to the search engines.

Do I need to install any 3rd party software?

Nope! Ptarmigan Websites is a web application, thus it is available 24X7 online at www.ptarmiganwebsites.com. You can access it from any PC that has an internet connection.

How long will it take to go online?

Your website will be active in a short while, and you can access your edit area after signup. You can then begin customizing your website with your content and your creative ideas.

Can I use a domain that is already mine?

Sure! Transferring a domain is really easy. You need to ask for the auth code (a transfer code) from your old provider and insert it during the registration phase on Ptarmigan websites.

Will my website rank high on the search engines?

Sure, Ptarmigan Websites automatically optimizes all your content. Your data will be automatically sent to the search engines for indexing.

How much traffic will my website get?

The PRO version is integrated with a statistics panel that will give you detailed information about your visitors. All statistics are updated in real-time. You can discover the keywords used by your visitors to find your site on the search engines and the number of online visitors.

Can I modify the title, description, and keywords for my website?

Yes, and it's super-easy to use the optimization panel: Ptarmigan websites give you full access to your website.

How many pages can I create? 

As many as you wish, with no limits. Create as many pages as your project needs.

Can I sell my products with an online shop?

Yes, you can. If you are a PRO user, Ptarmigan Websites gives you the possibility to use a powerful e-commerce panel where you can control your products, prices, payment options, and shipment cost.

Will my website support foreign languages?

​If you wish, you can use the powerful Ptarmigan Websites multilanguage component. With the multilanguage component translating websites is easier than ever.

Is my website ready for mobile access?

Yes, it is. You have 2 options: an out-of-the-box adaptive version of your desktop website, or you can create a mobile version with a special editor version for better visual performance.

I made a mistake. Can I roll back to a previous version?

​Yes, you can. Just click on the "undo" option (you can find it in the upper right part of the Ptarmigan website's editor). With this button, you can undo your last changes (and you can redo them with the other button if you wish).

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